Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stripes and solids!

I have a new quilt in progress, this time for my brother Taylor (forget what I said about gift quilts, heh heh...he's been begging for one, and this is for Christmas). The inspiration for this quilt came from one of my favorite Amish quilt books.

This is the 44" center square of what will, I hope, become a quilt of 84"-86" square.

I cut out 8.5" square pieces of paper and string-pieced 1.5" strips of three color ranges of fabric (green, cerulean, and plum) with one gray and one black fabric. This 44" square went through several iterations on top of my duvet cover (downside of paper-piecing: paper doesn't stick to my makeshift design wall).

The gray is FSDS Dogwood (which looks remarkably similar to Ash...I had to sub Ash in one of the blocks because I ran out of Dogwood, and now I can't even remember which one it was), and the black is Moda Bella Solids in Black. I am hoping to find a richer black for the border. The colored strips are FSDS Emerald, Hummingbird Blue, Red Plum, and Oriental Blue; and Kona Cactus, Plumberry, and Pacific.

Naturally, I got slice-happy with my rotary cutter because I was distracted by the television, cut about three times as many strips as I needed, and now have a bunch of 1.5"x 44" strips I must use to piece the back.

I have big plans for how I'm going to quilt it, which do not involve the longarm...I've discovered I don't love it as much as I thought I would! Not being able to see the quilt while you're working on it is so frustrating.

I hope to have a completed top to show you soon. It will be my first completed quilt top since October or November, eeek!


  1. Most long-arm quilts have a front and a back. You can see the quilt if you free-motion from the front. Which is awesome.

    Love the stripes.

  2. I am loving this quilt! The stripes are so dramatic and fantastic! And it does rather suit the name of your blog ;)

  3. I don't know what you were worried about, I love how this is coming out. how do you think you'll quilt it?

  4. Love it, I'm dying to do a solids quilt. BTw...I know it's prob. too late, but do you have a roommate for the retreat? I think my friend is going to cancel out.

  5. Wowee zowee - I am so loving this! Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Great meeting you tonight :)