Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello, world!

Let's think back on a magical time. A time when I used to blog -- and when I used to SEW. I remember many Sunday mornings that I spent happily in front of my sewing machine, whiling away the hours with a Miss Marple mystery playing softly in the background. I haven't had many of those days since I decided to attend graduate school and moved to Michigan, but I have been slowly getting back into sewing over the last couple of months, which has been wonderful. And I realized that I even have a quilt to post about -- the last quilt I finished, in August 2011. (YIKES! That seems even stranger since it's 2013 now.)

The saddest thing about this is that I finished the quilt so long ago -- and so much has happened in my life since then -- that I remember very little from the process of making it. The photos will just have to tell the story for me! The pictures don't capture the colors in the quilt was much more subdued in reality. The photos make it look garish, but they'll just have to do for now! 

I see that I rounded the edges and did a bias binding.

I see from my progress post that the quilt was about 95" square before quilting, so I will assume it finished up somewhere between 90" and 95" square.

I do remember doing minimal, straight-line quilting. I merely echoed the diamond shape of the blocks. It looks like the lines were probably spaced about 1.5" apart. I also used 100% bamboo batting, which I love. Bamboo batting is the BEST!

The colors are closer to real life in the photos above and below.

My grandmother has a boat named Salty at her house. I got trapped under it (underwater) once when I was a kid. It seemed like a good prop for a quilt!

This was the biggest quilt I've ever made, and I'm definitely proud of it! I remember telling myself that I wanted to take a break from making bed quilts after I finished this, and I think I've taken a long enough break!