Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindle case 3.0

I swear this will be the last Kindle case I post (even though I have a fourth in the works, haha). What can I say? It's an adorable and practical gift, and a good way to highlight some of my precious fabrics. The exterior fabric I used for this one was purchased as a special treat for myself (though isn't everything?) at the New England Quilt Museum shop. It was very expensive, but very worth it. I bought two fat quarters in different colorways. The interior fabric is a KF shot cotton, and I have no idea what color it is because it is at least a year old.

I used regular batting and lightweight interfacing this time, as well as exclusively cotton fabrics, and those choices made all the difference in the world. I really struggled with getting good points on the last ones, for which I used wool fabric, heavy interfacing, and wool batting. For the record, I also used the same pattern and made the same modifications for this one as for the last two.

This one is going to a good friend of mine who is in her last weeks of pregnancy and spending a lot of time sitting around at home (I am, of course, in the process of making a quilt for her baby). My only concern is that this case might be a little more muted than she would want, but hopefully she will pretend to like it.

And finally, I am really hoping to get some good photos of my Stripes and Solids quilt for my brother soon. It's difficult to find a space to photograph an 88" square!

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